Updating sql views from foxpro cursoradapter

The change will take effect the next time you open the view.Alternatively, you can use the command window to do the job.SQL Pass-Through enhancements VFPs SQL Pass-Through functions have been enhanced to give new options when disconnecting from a remote database, and to provide more information on the results of remote operations.Temporarily disconnecting from a database One of the first rules you learn about accessing remote databases is to limit the number of connections.These will include, for each field in the view, a line of code which sets the field's data type.For example: The C(40) in this example indicates a (fixed width) character field, 40 characters wide.

If you then use the remote view to return updates to the server, it is these padded values that are sent back.VFP 8 introduced the Cursor Adapter which gave us a unified, object-oriented means to access both local and remote data.VFP 9 adds several new features to the Cursor Adapter to improve remote data access, such as auto-refresh of identity and default values, timestamp support, conflict checking, and delayed memo fetching.The OLE DB provider can now return results from stored procedures, making it much more useful as a remote data provider.Finally, a number of minor SQL enhancements make it easier to handle connection management and delayed fetching of remote data.

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