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The SOA Core Extension (SCE) template deploys a set of J2EE applications and SOA Composites.

It configures JMSServer, JMSModule, JMS resources (connection factories, queues and topics) and JCA adapters (JMS, Advanced Queuing(AQ) and database).

The following table provides basic information about the Oracle SOA Suite for Healthcare Integration template.

The Oracle B2B template does not deploy any new applications. The following table provides basic information about the Oracle B2B (business-to-business) template.

If you do not want to use the JMS reporting provider, see "How to Untarget a JMS Reporting Provider" in the The Oracle Enterprise Scheduler Services Basic template creates a topology of one Managed Server (ess_server1) and applies the ESS native hosting application, client and lightweight client to it.

The Oracle User Messaging Service (UMS) Basic template deploys a set of Java EE applications and JMS resources for UMS.

This Oracle Service Bus template designed for testing and production use, and creates or extends an Oracle Web Logic Server domain with Oracle Service Bus.Fusion Middleware Control is a Web browser-based, graphical user interface that you can use to monitor and administer Oracle Fusion Middleware.Together with the Oracle Web Logic Server Administration Console, Fusion Middleware Control provides tools to help you manage the Oracle Fusion Middleware environment, including the Oracle Web Logic Server domain, the Oracle Fusion Middleware components you have installed and configured, and the applications you deploy.Other templates apply only to domains for a single Fusion Middleware product, and are therefore not included with any other Fusion Middleware product installations.This chapter contains the following sections: The Oracle Java Required Files (JRF) template configures components that are not included in the Web Logic Server installation.

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