Updating salary for different departments using cursor

Which data dictionary view would you query to display the column?

The privileges were granted on the schema that owns the worker table.114.

The numbers to the left of the decimal point will vary. You need to evaluate results of the increase from the worker table prior to the actual modification. You have been assigned the task of updating worker salaries.

All data will have two digits to the Right of the decimal point (ie, 25.xx). Your company will be granting workers a 0 salary increase.

When there is more than one row in a cursor we can use loops along with explicit cursor attributes to fetch all the records.

There are three divisions within your company and each division has at least one worker bonus program and at least one worker.

Bonus values do not exceed 500; not all employees receive bonuses. You have been given update privileges on the last_name column of the worker table.

Davis must create tables and packages in his own schema.

What command must be executed next to grant him these privileges? The WORK table has columns designated for the birth date and hire date of all workers. You want to insert a row with the details of employee Wallace, who was born in 1952 and hired in 2001.

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