Updating platform sun4v bootarchive

Solaris Boot Error I am having a problem when booting my Sun V445 machine with Solaris 10 installed on it. boot failed Enter filename [/platform/sun4u/kernel/sparcv9/unix]: Alloc of 0x400000 bytes at 0x100000 refused. boot failed Enter filename [/platf...error booting solaris 10Hello experts, I have installed solaris 10 on x86. Any guidance advice will be highly appreciated Thanks, Dave On Tue, , [email protected]: nicely before what did I do wrong?Machine hangs at boot at following step : 0Test CPU Ca... When I try to boot I get an error with ablue screen login failed please try again. So it's booting to the login screen, but when you enter a use...=A0Stephan Hi, not sure what you have done on those servers exactly - but the error you got (boot_archive and GRUB) is related to x86 architecture. now, if I were in your shoes I would boot off OS CD or net into single- user mode and: * restore bootblk on the internal disks * mount your root FS from the internal disks and look into the following: /etc/system /etc/vfstab if you get the same error (MMU Miss) when booting off CD or net - open the call in Sun support.Cheers, Nikolai Nikolai ops, sorry - I was wrong - as I see it must be Solaris10 U6 - so, the warnings to boot_archive can be met on this particular configuration after patching - due to the boot_archive file is not updated after patch has been applied.

To speed this process up, I created a script that will set up a wan boot environment for a specified host in no time.Instead of booting correctly, I got this message: | WARNING: The following files in / differ from the boot archive: | | changed /kernel/drv/| | The recommended action is to reboot to the failsafe archive to correct | the above inconsistency.To accomplish this, on a GRUB-based platform, | reboot and select the "Solaris failsafe" option from the boot menu.Corruption is corruption is corruption is corruption It was obvious before Bush went for Iraq that he was doing something illegal. Solaris 2.6 boot errors Hi, I often see this message while booting Solaris2.6 running on a ultra 440 Mhz CPU. Exit the shell when done to continue the boot process.Type Ctrl-d to proceed with normal startup, (or give root password for system maintenance): The system was shutdown properly using init 5.

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