Updating palm 700wx internet irish speed dating

If you click on this menu, you should get the network port you created there, and just click it to connect.With mine it takes about ten to fifteen seconds, and then it should come up with the time connected, and away you go. Your Treo 700wx now has Windows Mobile 6.0, the same as the Treo 750.

Having checked the box to set it up and clicking OK, I went into network preferences and my phone had appeared as a new network interface.

Just enter the relevant proxy settings, user name and password, and click OK.

Then I chose to 'show modem status in menu bar' which places a small telephone icon in the menu bar next to spotlight.

Select the interface, and click the advanced button that appears in the main network window.

Here you need to know the configuration details for your provider (I can't help here since I'm with t-mobile) but as I managed to find the t-mobile details on the internet, I assume someone's posted all the verizon details there too.

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