Updating oracle using servlet

The columns have field names such as Product Name and Quantity. Note that there should not be any spaces in the field names.The products database used in this example is very simple.The servlet that processes the form above first looks in the database to find the product with the given id.If this is found, it then checks to see if the quantity of the item in stock is greater than or equal to the quantity ordered.

In it, you can create linked tables that consist of rows and columns.

It contains just one table, Product Table, which is shown below.

The field names are Product Id, Product Name, Price, and Quantity. However, it is enough to demonstrate the action of a servlet.

To make things easier for you, it can also be found in the Documents directory of the website found at

You can download it from there and store it with the other files in the lib subdirectory of the jdk folder.

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