Updating norton 360 2016 to 2016

Oh, and "The team has started working on this issue"? The main reason I spent money on Norton, rather than use the free alternative in Windows 10 was the anti-spam element that you don't get with Windows 10 - but it now appears Norton have made the same mistake as they have done previously. I have installed Kaspersky Total Security on several new PCs using Office 365 2016 and the Spam filters seem to be working well and the "This is Spam" and "This is Not Spam" buttons come up on the ribbon automatically and have worked flawlessly so far.I am still holding out hope that a fix will be released sooner rather than later for my existing Office 365 2016 installs currently using Norton's.

Then, being impressed with what I directly saw, I went ahead and purchased the pay-for version and now have it installed on three machines.

Some companies have already released their next edition along with Windows 10.

Not only did they cover the first two points I made in the previous section about staying safe (Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware / Firewall), but it also performed lots of computer maintenance stuff that really had nothing to do with Internet security.

But what about the compatibility of the old programs.

Mostly all antiviruses companies have already prepared for this new update in the market.

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