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Feel free to give the server a more exciting name than Glass Fish Server. This dialog shows the Installation Location where Glass Fish was installed with Net Beans. The domain folder created when Glass Fish is installed with Net Beans is the cause of the problem we are solving by creating a new server. Many x Debug problems seem to come from tiny mismatches between the exact PHP release you use, and the exact version of x Debug you use.If you simply downloaded the latest version xdebug, or if you got xdebug off a repository, this is probably part of your problem. Install Glass Fish but it is not necessary to install Tomcat.Note: While this instance of the Glass Fish server will perform as expected when creating web or EJB applications I have uncovered an issue with the naming of configuration files used to configure Glass Fish JDBC Connection Pools and JDBC Resources on system running Windows.If this appears in the Domain box then replace it with an absolute path such as what appears in my image.

Then you can go back to the Available Plugins tab and the C/C plugin should be listed.

First, try to achieve the simplest possible x Debug set up: use the bundled command line client "debugclient" instead of netbeans, on localhost, debugging simple php code (e.g.

a phpinfo file), with any firewalls and other competing factors or config disabled or removed.

While the specific name is not significant it leads to problems when tutorials or classroom presentations are used that do not match your actual experience.

This is what happened to me in class just the other day!

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