Updating mythdora

(It was something like "-d /dev/lirc X --output=/dev/lirc X --listen=XXX").irw returns to the command prompt (crashing lircd), showing the message "could not get file information for /dev/lirc" when I run lircd with -n.# #It includes the default configuration for the remote and/or #transmitter that you have selected during package installation.

However, after updating, this has gone, and I cannot remember what the command was!If it's not in lsusb and doesn't work, invest in a new receiver.Actually I've got this exact same issue although a slightly more complex setup.I am at this stage now: I have a Philips (SRM5100) MCE remote control (mceusb2), with a USB receiver.I have Mythbuntu 8.04 fully up to date (clean install).

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