Updating multiple rows at a time in sql server Adult sites where you meet girls and fuck on cam free no credit card

The clause identifies which columns in the target table should be modified and what the new values should be.

For the Sales YTD column, I simply specify a literal value, which in this case is 0.

The code you posted doesn't have a sub-query, and an UPDATE statement cannot be a subquery.

-- Rod at work Check out these links on how to get faster and more accurate answers: Forum Etiquette: How to post data/code on a forum to get the best help Need an Answer? You Need a Question How to Post Performance Problems Crosstabs and Pivots or How to turn rows into columns Part 1Crosstabs and Pivots or How to turn rows into columns Part 2 I know that code doesn't have a subquery, I stated that I also tried a subquery using where exists.

I created the examples in the Adventure Works2008 database on a local instance of SQL Server 2008.

However, most of the examples will work in the original Adventure Works database, on SQL Server 2005 or 2008.

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