Updating kitchen cupboards Cougar web chat

And when you have a massive kitchen with 10 You want your kitchen cabinets to look GOOD.You can’t just slop the paint on and hope for the best.Today I am going to review some of the pros and cons of two of the more commonly used types of paint for cabinets, and share one girl’s opinion on the best paint for the job.I am not a professional painter, but I have done more than my fair share of painting in this DIY life, of everything from walls to furniture, to decor, and now cabinets, and have used both chalk paint and latex paint extensively.It seems to hold on to the marks of the sand paper or something.If you use a product like Floetrol Latex Paint Additive mixed in your paint, you shouldn’t need to do a lot of sanding, but you may still need to do a little. For all the reasons below, I chose to try it out on my kitchen cabinets.

The wax finish is impermeable water and other liquids, and wipes clean just as well as latex if properly coated with wax.

That’s not what we are going for, so we will see how they hold up over time.

– I’ve also read that the wax finish doesn’t protect well against oil, which could spell disaster in the kitchen.

I have used it a lot for furniture, but this has been my first experience with using it on kitchen cabinets, and it has been a great learning experience.

I will write a full post on what I did to get a perfect finish on my cabinets, but for now I’ll just share a photo of how they are turning out (not done with all of them yet! Pros – In general, chalk paint requires almost no preparation, and really just needs a clean surface to adhere to.

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