Updating hyper terminal

🙂How ever you can still use Hyper terminal in Windows 7 as well as you can use other freely available serial communication utilities like Putty.

Putty is a great and free tool and available for both Windows and Linux platforms.

If you are performing these tasks on either Windows or Linux then you will requires some program that can communicate with your hardware and system.

In the old days, Windows used to be provided Hyper terminal but now from Windows Vista they don’t provide such a tool, could not understand the reason though ..

How can I connect to another device via hyperterminal in windows 7.

I could easily connect in xp to program various devices I work with.

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Some times you need to access serial port of your PC/LAPTOP to perform some actions like if you want to connect a GSM modem or if you are an Embedded systems programmer then to access program or interface your micro-controllers to your system.Other areas that need work can be seen in the project's Git Hub repository.Nonetheless, Guillermo Rauch, CEO of Zeit, claimed in a tweet that Hyper has been downloaded more than 250,000 times and has over 300 themes and extensions.Cross-platform compatibility is one of Electron's advantages, but that can come at a cost: Unless optimized well, Electron-based applications can be slow.That's one of the common gripes about Atom, at least when compared to a native text editor like Sublime Text.

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