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In that case you may have to ask the Administrator to allow mails to be relayed via the server.

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You can then fine-tune the level of permissions they get by selecting the actions that they can perform: read, create, edit, or delete entries. You can try ping domino name, usually hostname matches domino name If you have notes client open, check connection documents in the personal address book.Most likely you will find connection document for your Domino server with either hostname or IP address Usually, and certainly when you use a DNS, you don't need the IP-address.This means that if the beginning of the work day is defined as AM and the end of the work day is PM, the scheduler shows details for AM to PM: View image at full size The Display tab also has options to decide how calendar entries and notices appear in mail views and folders.For example, the option “Put C&S documents in a special New Notices Mini View for processing" displays the Mini View, a feature introduced in Lotus Notes 6.

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