Updating firmware on a v240

You can do this via the serial cable or SSH session.IBM x Series Servers Total Storage DS4300Total Storage DS4400Total Storage DS4700EXP500 Array EXP700 Array EXP710 Array Total Storage FASt T200Total Storage FASt T500EXP400 Array EXP810 Expansion Array System Storage DS4800System Storage DS5000System Storage N Series System Storage DS3500System Storage DS3950 & EXP395System Storage DS3000 & EXP3000EXP2500 System Storage Protec TIER TS7610 TS7620 TS7650IBM System Storage DCS3700System Storage DS5020 & EXP520IBM Storwize V3500 & V3700IBM Storwize V5000 Gen1IBM Storwize V7000 Gen1IBM Storwize V7000 Gen2 Auto RAID 12HDS2405 Disk System Virtual Array 7000Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA)EVA 3000 / 5000EVA 4000/6000/8000EVA 4100/6100/8100EVA 4400/6400/8400EVA P6000Sure Store E FC10Sure Store E SC10 / HVD10 / FC60Disk System DS2100Disk System DS2300High Availability Storage System (HASS)Rack Storage /12Modular Smart Array (MSA)MSA 2000MSA 2040 / 1040 / P2000MSA 60 / 20MSA P2000 G3EMA/ESA/RA Alphaserver & VAX Servers Alpha Server DS15Alpha Server DS25Alpha Server ES45Alpha Server ES47Alpha Server ES80Alpha Server GS160Alpha Server GS320Alpha Server GS80Integrity & Itanium Serversrx2600rx4640rx5670rx7620rx8620zx6000Pro Liant Servers BL20p G2BL20p G3DL380 G2DL380 G3DL380 G4DL585 G1ML350 G3ML350 G4ML370 G3ML370 G4Proliant Gen7 Servers Pro Liant Gen8 - Gen9 - Smart Array Pro Liant Gen5 - Gen7 - Smart Array HP 9000 (rp, A, K, L, N Class)rp2400 Seriesrp3410rp3440rp4410rp5405rp4440rp7405rp7420rp8420 Fire V20z and V40z Fire V240Fire V440Fire V490Fire V890Storage Tek 6140Storage Tek 6540Stor Edge 3120Stor Edge 3310Stor Edge 3320Stor Edge 3510Stor Edge 6120Netra 240Netra 440Netra 1290Fire V1280Fire E2900D240 Media Tray Storage Tek 2510 / 2530 / 2540Sun Storage J4500Sun Storage J4200 / J4400Sun Oracle ZFS Storage The SUN Fire V240 (Code Name: Enchilada) is an entry level 2U rack mount server.Note: ALOM can also be referred to as the: "system controller", "system management controller","remote management controller”.

There is a download image for Sun Fire V215, V245, V445 and there is another image for the rest of the servers (see the second question above). Therefore, ALOM works as soon as you install and power on the server.Instrument transformer correction reduces or eliminates the need to replace transformers in installations where high-accuracy is required.Since V2 series firmware has contained advanced security.NOTE: The speed bumped 1.34GHz and 1.5GHz Sun Fire v210 and Sun Fire v240 systems require a minimum of Solaris 8 HW 02/04, Solaris 9 09/04, or Solaris 10. WARNING: In the Sun Fire V440, Sun Fire V250 and Netra 440 servers that use an ALOM System Controller Card, daughter cards marked with part number 501-6346-06 (or higher, not -01 through -05) absolutely require ALOM release 1.4 or later. You can connect an external ASCII terminal to the serial management port (SERIAL MGT) and start using ALOM right away without needing to configure the ALOM software.NOTE: Netra 440 and Sun Fire V440 servers with Motherboard part number 501-6910 (or replacement FRU 540-6336) requires ALOM release 1.5. Using an ALOM version below 1.4 could damage the new ALOM System Controller Card. For more information about connecting an external terminal, refer to the Installation Guide that came with your host server. What is the speed of the ALOM network management port? The ALOM network management port is a 10BASE-T (10 Megabit per second Twisted Pair Ethernet) port that operates in half-duplex mode only.

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