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This was an oversight in the initial design, as migrations are intended to be online migrations after the host is fully configured.For things which must happen while the service is quiesced, that should be done in the post-configure scripts which control the service state.In my opinion, this is killing blow for the traditional methods of introducing a new version of Windows in the organization, and improves the process enormously including keeping the deployment time at a minimal. One of the questions I believe that many administrators are asking themselves is, what do I need in order to leverage In-Place Upgrade in a deployment scenario for deploying Windows 10?Below is a table of things to consider and that you need to be aware of.While Bit Locker encrypted devices can easily be upgraded, more work is necessary for third-party disk encryption tools.

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While this may not be a requirement prior upgrading to Windows 10, it’s recommended that you deploy Internet Explorer 11 in your environment and make sure that your applications works since that’s the only supported version of Internet Explorer in Windows 10.I assume that you’ve heard about the Windows as a Service terminology?If not, the picture below illustrates how the new versions of Windows will be made available through branches during different stages: Whenever a new version is released, organizations can leverage the In-Place Upgrade scenario to test and deploy the latest version in their environment.Now with Windows 10, not for the first time though, you have the option to perform an In-Place upgrade.What’s different this time around is that it actually works, and it works really well.

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