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We can do all of this with a single Conditional Split object.

Grab one and drag it from the toolbox and connect the Merge Join’s green output to it.

I was recently tasked with creating a one way sync between some data in SQL and a Share Point list.

This can be done through an External Content Type and External Content List and works pretty well.

I won’t be going into a lot of detail about some of the Integration Services Package configuration and will skip some of those details assuming you either have the experience, problem solving ability, or at least know how to get to Google.

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Ensure the Join Key is set properly : Now that we have one big dataset, we can figure out which rows need to be added, deleted or updated.We are going to join the results from SQL and the results from Share Point into one dataset and then split them back out to do the deletions, additions, and updates needed.To join them we’ll be using the SQL Identity column, Some Table ID.For this merge, it doesn’t matter which sort is the left or right join since we’re going to do a full join outer join.Double-click the Merge Join object and set the Join type to Full outer join.

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