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This way, when and if the SELECT list of the cursor changes, the number and type of fields in the record will change accordingly and everything will stay in sync.

Working with Record Variables Once you have declared a record in your block, you can both read and change the record’s value.

It’s rare, in fact, that the data with which you are working is just a single value, so records and other composite datatypes are likely to figure prominently in your PL/SQL programs.

This article explores how you declare records, populate them with rows from a table, and even insert or change an entire row in a table by using a record.

Suppose I have an employees table in an application that looks like this: CREATE PROCEDURE process_employee ( employee_id_in IN omag_employees.employee_id%TYPE) IS l_employee_id omag_employees.employee_id%TYPE; l_last_name omag_employees.last_name%TYPE; l_salary omag_employees.salary%TYPE; BEGIN SELECT employee_id, last_name, salary INTO l_employee_id, l_last_name, l_salary FROM omag_employees WHERE employee_id = employee_id_in; END; (Note that I use suffixes in my parameters to indicate their mode.

Here _in indicates an IN parameter.) That is, however, an awful lot of code to write, read, and maintain.

But what if you want to change the contents of a row in a table by using a record?PL/SQL offers special syntax in both the INSERT and UPDATE statements so that you can easily use records to perform those data manipulation language (DML) operations as well.The most common form of an INSERT statement is where column_list is the list of columns that will be populated on insert and expression_list is the list of expressions that will be assigned to their respective columns.The following block uses a cursor FOR loop to fetch only the last name of each employee, deposit that name into a record, and then display the value of the last_name field of that record: Passing Records as Parameters You can define parameters based on record types, and you can therefore pass records as arguments to subprograms.Suppose I need to write a procedure that displays an employee.

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