Updating a dell optiplex gx1 os

Support for Microprocessor Side-Channel Vulnerabilities Dell is investigating new vulnerabilities affecting many modern microprocessors used in Dell products.

Visit com/support/speculative-store-bypass for more information on affected products and next steps.

I tried putting back my two old 126 rams, but it still won't reboot. How do I enable the computer to reboot, then how do I reset the settings to be compatible with the new ram? However I don't know how to get my computer to read the cd? The IDE CD-ROM Device isn't referring to my DVD burner drive is it?

40gb HDDand oh i created the bootable usb by CMD is it correct??It said some error like the one from a couple of posts above. I believe the CD drive is working for when I go into SAFE mode the CD drive really spins for about 8 seconds or so, then blue screen. It also said to contact Dell because of [Vcls] error. Edit: I am running Windows xp Edited by eastwindrain, 04 July 2008 - PM. Edit I do have a DVD burner drive installed in the tower as well, but I haven't really been using it. Ok, you have a cd listed and the sequence is correct. We noticed you’re using an older version of Internet Explorer, and some of our site features might not look and behave the way you’d expect while using this browser version.For the best experience, please use Chrome or Fire Fox, or update Internet Explorer.

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