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Over time, as potential NORM hazards have been identified, these industries have increasingly become subject to monitoring and regulation.However, there is as yet little consistency in NORM regulations among industries and countries.Craig, Binary mixing of enriched and undegassed (primitive?Farley, Rare gases in Samoan xenoliths, Earth Planet.

Also, that which may constitute low-level waste in the nuclear industry might go entirely unregulated in another industry (see section below on recycling and NORM).The term NORM exists also to distinguish ‘natural radioactive material’ from anthropogenic sources of radioactive material, such as those produced by nuclear power and used in nuclear medicine, where incidentally the radioactive properties of a material maybe what make it useful.However from the perspective of radiation doses to people, such a distinction is completely arbitrary.Speed Dating is a prime example of this, with the very first event ever done in Australia being here in Sydney, before all the other major cities caught on.Even today, Sydney still remains the number one Speed Dating city in Australia.

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