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But Walker and Mc Farland, who started dating in their second year at Tufts School of Medicine, were hoping not just for placements at one of their top choices, but a match together. “The best part of medical school was meeting Ali—and today,” Walker said.They had prepared for the possibility of living and commuting between residencies in different cities.“We interviewed at all the same places, but there was a bit of worry, because at the bottom of the list, we had a few places that were different,” said Mc Farland.“We’re very happy to be able to be together in an awesome program; we can’t wait.” Family is important to Mc Farland, who comes from a big one herself.“But it’s time to move on.” Three decades ago, a team of researchers—including future Tufts President Anthony P.Monaco—combed through millions of DNA letters to find the flawed gene responsible for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.But then she started spending her evenings teaching English at Rosie’s Place, a women’s shelter, and reading to children at Horizons for Homeless Children in Boston.“I realized the pure sciences were not for me,” she said.

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Faculty serve as the advisors of students who have a declared a major, and they serve as Pre-Major Advisors for first-year students and undeclared sophomores.The Summer Scholars Program unites professors and students in funded summer research projects.The Undergraduate Research Fund provides reimbursement for costs incurred as part of a student’s original research.“So being able to stay in Massachusetts is a big deal.” It’s also a big deal because Worcester is home to large immigrant populations, including Hispanic and Vietnamese communities, said Giang, whose parents moved to the United States from Vietnam three years before she was born.“I’m very happy and excited, coming from an immigrant family, to be going to the UMass Family Health Center,” Giang said.

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