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And the good news is, Tube Toolbox is permitted by Youtube. After at least 1 year of using the software I can say that Tube Toolbox is definitely the best way to promote your music or business on Youtube! In the first month alone I gained about 1500 subs solely from using Tube Tool Box. tube toolbox changed everything within weeks of running it, my subscribers went up by hundreds, my views more than tripled and it gave me the attention i 16th before using Tube Toolbox: 127 subs.After 6 months of Tube Toolbox: 1,009 subsand its nearly been a year now and i am edging closer to 2,000! I've gotten hundreds more friends, Subscribers and Views than i ever could by hand.Comedy type videos are almost as good as music, because they get shared, but not really rewatched by the same person as much, though they will usually earn a hefty subscriber base.But political and religious commentary is the most difficult, it's easy to offend and turn people away, it is by far considered by the majority of viewers to be the most boring, however important. Once you register, you'll be able to manage your account online.If your print subscription includes digital access, you will also be able to log in to The Inquirer and Daily News replicas and using the same username and password login credentials.

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Music videos get a lot of views because they have massive replay power but they don't really bring in the subscribers.

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Most users ever online is 12584 on August 28, 2011 am CEST.

Try the software, for just a month, and tell me you don't see a considerable difference.

Best Wishes, James Pope It is great to know that there is a software dedicated to give you a hand in getting your videos out there and is really easy to build up an audience with tube toolbox.

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