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The official plot summary for Season 3, courtesy of HBO, reads: The next installment of “True Detective” tells the story of a macabre crime in the heart of the Ozarks, and a mystery that deepens over decades and plays out in three separate time periods.

The shifting time periods and decades-spanning mystery harkens back to Season 1, which bounced between two timelines and slowly pieced together what happened in between.

Coincidentally, Esposito was among several actresses tried out as temporary partners for Danny in guest arcs at the beginning of Season 1.

Editor's note: Walter Carey writes: "David Huntley, my source for this story, is the pseudonym of an executive at CBS who asked that he or she not be named. She plays the wife of hot-headed Danny Reagan, mother to their two boys, daughter in law of police commish Frank Reagan, sister in-law of Erin, brother-in-law of Jamie, aunt of the Columbia undergrad who used to go to Catholic school, granddaughter-in-law of grandpa, and a normal human being, who works as a nurse, lives in Staten Island, demands to be respected by her husband, and concludes phone conversations with him with this exchange: "Love you." "Love you more." "Love you most." Several theories have been making the rounds regarding Linda's sudden departure from the program.

It was really very simple, the actress confided, nursing a glass of Jameson's on the rocks as she negotiated her farewell package.

It was "time to move on." The network executive who bears a resemblance to Ned Beatty gave her a skeptical look.

Mahershala Ali may not be the true detective, but he is the first detective to sign on for Season 3.

That was actually something that endeared him to her, Linda admitted tearfully after one of their quarrels., according to Megin Draper, a close friend.This article will be updated regularly to keep things current, and readers can access specific breaking news articles at the bottom of the page.So, without further ado, here’s everything we know about “True Detective” Season 3.“True Detective” Season 3 is starting to feel real.It’s been more than two years since Nic Pizzolatto’s HBO anthology series aired its last episode, and for the longest time it felt like the next one was a long way off, at best.

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