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What Russia wants is normal, peaceful relations based on respect for each others interests and for international law.

Second, it shows that– while Washington’s war on Russia has ebbed and flowed depending on the political situation in Moscow– it has never completely ended. During the Cold War, when Russia’s global activities put a damper on Washington’s depredations around the world, relations remained stretched to the breaking point.Economist Joseph Stiglitz followed events closely in Russia at the time and summed it up like this: In Russia, the people were told that capitalism was going to bring new, unprecedented prosperity.In fact, it brought unprecedented poverty, indicated not only by a fall in living standards, not only by falling GDP, but by decreasing life spans and enormous other social indicators showing a deterioration in the quality of life…..(Due to) the tight monetary policies that were pursued…but this campaign was of limited significance in the outcome of the Civil War.The last British and American soldiers were withdrawn in 1920.

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