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The Good: The Golf Buddy Voice has courses pre-loaded on the device.

The screen will flash while charging and turn off when finished.

The Good: In addition to the distance to the center of the green, the Golf Buddy Voice also provides the yardages to the near and far edges of the green.

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The Golf Buddy Voice not only speaks yardages, but also include a small screen where players can visually obtain distances and see a rough graphic of the shape of the green.And as with all devices that are limited to green information, we found ourselves craving distances to hazards.The Golf Buddy Voice generally provided distances accurate to within 4 yards, although we had difficulty verifying distances to the near and far points of the green as the device no longer provides distances, either by voice or on the display, once the player has reached the green edge (defined as approximately 10 yards from the edge of the green).The Golf Buddy Voice retails for 9.99, and while there are no additional fees for access to the course database, this price point puts it within striking distance of golf GPS watches and handheld golf GPS devices with more functionality.Voice-enabled devices may yet become significant in the market, but based on the units we’ve tested to date, no one has fully cracked the code yet.

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