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The first and last trains are like tides – both signal a high-water mark of traffic, people, and energy.

If you want to meet a partner for the night, it’s crucial to keep this in mind.

Whether their night was a success (drinking with their friends) or a feat of endurance (watching the clock until the boss stops drowning them in shochu and forcing them to listen to rude jokes), the transition to last train usually has people in a good mood.

In the smoking area near the Kabukicho exit of Shinjuku station, near 109 and the scramble crossing in Shibuya, and outside the East and West exits of Ikebukuro station, you’ll see the nanpa-shi (pickup guys), standing guard with their standardized uniform – gelled hair, man purse, loafers, and phone in hand – eyeing women from their sentry posts along the main pedestrian thoroughfares.

During this “Magic Hour” probably the single best place to meet women is on the street near the station.

The menu offers classic French cuisine with a signature bouillabaisse--or try a Burgundy beef dish, a fillet Mignon with onions or Coquille St. In 1995, Teubner Plouffe received a first-place award in column writing from the California Newspaper Publishers’ Association.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in sociology from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Reserve the private dining room for two and sample authentic Japanese cuisine with an emphasis on seasonal, fresh ingredients.

Traditional Japanese fare including Ichiban soup, sashimi, spring vegetables, and a charbroiled fish dish are among the offerings.

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