Tired of crapy dating advice western dating sights

If your life’s goal is to live alone with no companionship, you don’t need to bother and you can stop reading and move to another brilliant Geek And Jock post :) If you do indeed seek happiness and comfort with a lifelong partner who can share your every secret, torment and desire and provide mutual fulfillment, then you need to start giving a damn. It’s going to a difference to your understanding and sanity. If you think you’re going to completely understand your partner, think again. What can happen is your understanding for each strengthens and grows. Now you’ll love them as they make up the person you love dear to your heart. I can do that sitting here on the farm, and it's a hell of a lot cheaper. From your own description, you have absolutely nothing going for you, no ambition, and no desire to change and yet you talk so condescendingly about a majority of the population.The internet access sucks, but Verizon swears FIOS is coming soon. I'm generally polite, but I don't censor myself. Did you ever stop to think that some of these people actually enjoy their work? Every weekend off for shenanigans, out early enough to work out and run errands, and I even loved going to work and talking with my clients every day. Talking to shop owners about their craft and upcoming races.They work out, eat their vegetables, take care of themselves, and don't complain about how long their provider has to be at work...Oh, I'm a gold digger now because I'm content with disability and just want someone working one regular job? I don't care if the lady is on welfare or works at fucking Walmart.Over time, you’ll be at home with their nuances and idiosyncrasies. Other than taking genuine interest in your partner, here’s some other areas: Enjoying newly found freedoms, Martin is a down to earth, honest, quirky humor, compassionate and upfront kinda guy.

My best friend and my ex-fwb are both 4-5 years older. She worked 3 days a week (8-9 hours), made decent money, and had plenty of time to do whatever the fuck she wanted... Nothing's really come of it, besides getting more used to blood work. I guess I use enough 4 letter words to make up for not doing the other 2. Like, if I was a woman I would stay miles away from you. All I get is angry and bitter vibes from your rambling. And they won't be pissed when you blow them off next day.

I've been on Ok Cupid for years, and it's the only site I really like the layout, features, etc of. Like, I've technically never had a GF, just a friend with benefits for a couple months one time. I never got my own place because I didn't need one that bad. You need a serious personality overhaul and a reality check. The reason people are going to school and working multiple jobs is because they're trying to achieve their dreams.

Plenty Of Fish (POF) pisses me off to no end because it doesn't show the time people signed in last, and it doesn't properly use cookies to keep me logged in. I prefer to know if the lady I want to message signed in within the past few weeks or not. I'd almost rather look for a foreign women to bring here and marry, but most of the countries with women wanting an american husband are countries I really wouldn't care to visit in the first place. I wouldn't mind seeing Japan, but what are the odds I'd find someone there? Sometimes I wish I was a regular idiot who could just work long hours, meet women, and find a wife. I couldn't meet anyone, so I'd just be sitting there alone playing video games. I don't watch sports, but I like sports movies. You're 35, living at home (with I'm guessing your parents? Which someday you might understand if you ever decide to pursue any.

Hell, I showed her the gun shop I go to, and she walked out with 2 new guns. Point is, it's not about anyone supporting me.

I've been alone most of my life, and I just want a decent woman with plenty of free time.

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