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If it can not be or is not reciprocated they will quickly be over that person. Be a Sexual Explorer Innately curious and stemming from that love of learning, an Aquarius will easily transfer those traits to the bedroom—and they desire the same from a partner, or else why have a partner there at all?

Don’t be afraid to let go—maybe love is there but also with it, too much distant or coldness—don’t string along the Aquarian.

Some such adventures to have with this sign could include watching a documentary, checking out a museum, spending an entire afternoon at a bookstore, going to a park to stare at the clouds while having a philosophical discussion and/or travelling abroad, to name a few.

The Aquarius is a terrific problem solver—if the problem is something that needs a rational solution.

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Wendy Walsh, Ph D, a psychologist known as America’s Relationship Expert, calls Tinder the “Great American Database.”" data-reactid="20"The sheer number of potential mates can make the search feel like a full-time job.They need someone who can both keep up and stand up, basically, a confident open-minded explorer.The Aquarius is not the easiest of signs to have a romantic relationship with, but totally worth the effort.They are so up in their heads rationalizing everything that they can end up coming off cold.They need someone ready and willing to help them open up more (of course they have to be ready and willing to give intimacy a whirl and that may be the more difficult challenge).

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