The difference between dating and being in a relationship

Since background extinction is a result of the regular evolutionary process, the rate of the background extinction is steady over geological time.

Mass extinction refers to the extinction of a large number of species within a short period of geological time. “Duck Tadorna Rusty Threatened With Extinction Bird” (CC0) via Max Pixel 2.

There is also a psychological component to a mass murder: it can be seen as a release of tension, or a “blowing up.” While mass murders are done for reasons similar to serial killings, mass murders do not have the long-term planning and focus that serial killings do.

A recent example of a mass murderer is Jared Lee Loughner, pictured above.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation defines a serial killer as an individual who murders two or more people in different events, at different locations.

Trilobites, graptolites, and conodonts like deep-shelf benthic faunas became extinct in the Ordovician mass extinction. Loughner killed 6 people during the 2011 Tuscan shooting.Loughner fits the criteria of a mass murderer because he killed multiple people in one event, over a very short span of time.The Federal Bureau of Investigation defines mass murder as the murder of four or more people during a single event.There will be little time between these murders, or in other words, there will not be a “cooling-off” period.

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