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The Xs were almost always by the male contestant (dubbed Mr.X), while the Os were almost always by the female contestant (Miss Circle).The stars are asked questions by the host, and the contestants judge the truth of their answers to gain squares in the right pattern to win the game.Merrill Heatter/Bob Quigley Productions (1966–1981)Century Towers Productions (1986–1989)Moffitt-Lee Productions/One Ho Productions (1998–2002)Henry Winkler-Michael Levitt Productions (2002–2004)Columbia Tri Star Television/Sony Pictures Television (1998–2004) Here's Peter Marshall's way of explaining Hollywood Squares: "The object of the players is to get three stars in a row either across, up & down or diagonally.The team that has the most valuable items in their shopping cart at the end of the race wins.Classic game show in which a person of some notoriety and two impostors try to match wits with a panel of four celebrities.

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The Hollywood Squares is an American panel game show in which two contestants play tic-tac-toe to win cash and prizes.

The Davidson version also went in a new direction: at times, instead of just being Hollywood Squares, it became "road" Squares, originating from places like Hollywood, Florida or New York's Radio City Music Hall.

New, lighter cameras and other technology, and a bigger budget, made road trips a lot easier to pull off.

The object of the game is to try to fool the celebrities into ...

See full summary » Merv Griffin invites a series of actors, actresses, writers, and directors to discuss the progressive work they have done and current culture, arts, and entertainment surrounding the numerous projects.

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