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" However, before you start sexting photos, let's hear the rest of Jane's story."I have a lot of gay friends, and I've shown them every single photo he's sent me," she laughs.Or should I say, :-0 The Frisky: Man on why he doesn't call you back I HEART U Speaking of emoticons, even when they themselves use them, most women feel men should not. "It's annoying enough when girls do it, but a guy who texts with emoticons may as well be wearing a skirt." The Frisky: Having great e-mail chemistry is not enough When it's :-) Everyone agreed that phone-flirting is a go."I feel the same way about emoticons as I do about men wearing briefs and day-glo high-tops," asserted Karen, a 24-year-old journalist. "A flirty text leads to twitterpations galore," says Megan.Can you imagine what a different movie "Casablanca" would be if, instead of suavely growling, "Here's looking at you, kid," Rick instead texted Ilsa: ;-) Same sentiment (sort of), yet all the romance, sexiness and possibility has been drained out of it.Far from simplifying male/female relations, texting adds a whole other layer to decipher.You can say things in a text that will be misinterpreted. Dating by text: Hayley Quinn's tips"Did you finish ALL that tequila last night?If you are pursuing someone romantically you need a little bit of finesse. I've woken up with a terrible hangover: your fault!

"All the various forms of communication have a stumbling block and because people always have their phones on them and check them all the time, you have to be careful about how you deal with texts; you don't want to look like you're waiting by the phone," says Hayley Quinn, a dating coach and writer, specialising in the arts of conversation, persuasion and seduction.

Sexting The aforementioned Jane, who started this whole conversation, had one would-be boyfriend who took it a step further than a simple "UR HOT." "We met at a bar --he was Swiss -- very cute," she giggles.

"He went to the bathroom and while he was in the bathroom I got a picture message of him -- with no pants on! '" The Frisky: 10 lies men and women tell most often Nothing ever happened between the two of them, but that didn't stop him from sexting Jane more naughty photos "I always enjoyed getting them -- one time he sent me a picture of himself naked, next to a Derek Jeter bobblehead!

Sherry Turkle, a psychologist in science, technology and society at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, told the newspaper: "It's perfect for manipulation.

We can create anxiety because it's so intimate."So we hear stories about people who alleviate tension after an argument with their partner by sending them a blank text.

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