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May his legacy continue to all future generations and continue to touch the hearts of many.

Every time I go in to work I feel proud to work for such a great family oriented company and how much I enjoy talking to each customer about every special piece of jewelry.

Many years ago my mom and dad retired and moved to Kerrville.

While eating dinner at the Motel in town my mom met James.

As we got off the hay ride at a friends home I brushed the hay off of my pants the ring went flying. Shiny and beautiful with a few little places where you could see the stress.

It was dark and after a short search I gave up and vowed to come back the next morning. A few days later the home owner called me and said, I have your ring.it is smashed flat. The next time I was in Hill country I took it to the Kerrville store and asked if they could fix it. A few years later I lost it in Fredricksburgh on a trip to see my parents in Boerne.

They said yes, of course, but we can also replace it. Even the Fredricksburgh police helped us to look for it.

I had it for many years with no incidents but then my life began to fall apart, and when it did my ring went with it.

The first time I lost it was on a hay ride for a Christmas party.

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