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Best regards, Tracy Quinnell 23 Dempster Place, Leneva Vic 3691 Mobile 0417 661 692 [email protected] Anderson My father (Nigel Ashworth/Ashpole) flew Tornado with Nav Bobby Anderson 1983-1986, and hasn't been in contact for years, but always recalls stories of their antics.It's reaching Dad's 60th and with a big party in the works I would love to be able to surprise him with contact from his old buddy.

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He might have also been stationed at Upper Heyford airbase during the same time.

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He was once stationed with the RAF in Cyprus then eventually transferred to Geilenkirchen, Germany around 1967 - 1968. The daughter Maureen probably married so now has a different surname but there is also a son, Maureen's younger brother, Robert.

If anyone can help in tracing this family I would be most grateful.

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