Teen dating lesson

"No Apologies: The Truth About Life, Love & Sex" August, 1999, Young Adult Teens get the facts about sex in No Apologies: The Truth about Life, Love and Sex , an exciting book that highlights abstinence as the only true safe sex.

With gripping testimonies from real people, teens discover how others have been affected by choices of premarital sex and abstinence.

This completely updated book contains interviews with pregnant teens, boyfriends' families, health-care workers, and counselors.

A lively design, which includes cartoon strips and snippets from current newspaper and magazine articles, adds to the dynamic presentation.

Langford's approach is that she writes from her own childhood memories?

from the perspective of what she wishes she'd been told by her parents.

Sex Statistics Breaking into small groups, have students work on specific topics (one topic per group) such as sexually transmitted diseases, contraceptives, abstinence, teen pregnancy/parenthood, sexual harassment and any other related sex issues.

Students should make a visual of their PSA, such as, a poster with slogan, pamphlet, TV advertisement, etc.

The groups should create a message that is directed to a teen audience.

This makes her words powerful-especially for parents of teenagers.

"Kids Still Having Kids: Talking About Teen Pregnancy" Janet Bode, Stanley Mack, Ida Marx Blue Spruce, May 1999), Young Adult This book provides a valuable resource for young adults making decisions about pregnancy, as well as those researching the issue for school projects.

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