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Facebook stalking Like the above, but for friends-of-friends.Met someone you like through a mutual acquaintance? Simple – click on to Facebook and go through their photos.The changes have come from two main developments: the internet and mobile phones.Obviously there are other devices that have had an impact, but none comparable.Blogging In an earlier time, if you failed at one stage or another in your romantic duties, you might expect your inadequacies to be recorded in a personal diary, which at worst might be read decades later by the executor of the diarist's will, or by future historians trying to recreate life in the fallow years of the 20th century.The only way it might become more public is if you made the mistake of dating a lifestyle columnist, whereupon it might be splurged out over the pages of a middlebrow tabloid newspaper. Suddenly everybody writes a confessional blog, where the performances of dating partners are described in salacious detail under thinly disguised names.A quick search for the author would apparently, but falsely, show that he is an Oxford-educated poet with his own Wikipedia entry.

But used with care, the internet has opened up a new way of meeting people to those who might not have the time or the opportunity elsewhere.

Some protect their images, but even they can be partially discovered by looking through photos of your friend.

It's a gateway to a world of uncomfortable questions.

Who's that girl who's got their arm around him in all the pictures?

Does she really think an obviously posed profile photo of her wearing a kimono looking sultry was a good idea?

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