Symantec antivirus not updating from server

Please download the latest certified definitions from Symantec website at:

gid=sep Download the definitions for Endpoint Protection Manager 12.1 (format).

Step 3) Remove Live Update and install the correct version for SEP 12.1 - Uninstall "Symantec Live Update" from the Windows Control Panel, - Reboot the server, - Install the Live Update shipped with your release of Endpoint Protection.

On an Exchange Server 2013 server you may encounter failed content indexes that are preventing end users from being able to run searches in OWA and Outlook.

A failed content index will be visible in the output of Get-Mailbox Database Copy Status: Get-Mailbox Database Copy Status * | ft -auto Name Status Copy Queue Length Replay Queue Length Last Inspected Log Time Content Index State ---- ------ --------------- ----------------- -------------------- ----------------- DB01EX2013SRV1 Mounted 0 0 Failed And Suspended DB02EX2013SRV1 Mounted 0 0 Failed And Suspended DB03EX2013SRV1 Mounted 0 0 Healthy DB04EX2013SRV1 Mounted 0 0 Failed And Suspended DB05EX2013SRV1 Mounted 0 0 Disabled Log Name: Application Source: MSExchange IS Date: 2/16/2015 AM Event ID: 1012 Description: Exchange Server Information Store has encountered an error while executing a full-text index query ("e Discovery search query execution on database 191987bf-5e9f-4ba4-b13b-3cadcb9e51f5 failed.").

This chapter explores different virus definition delivery, distribution mechanisms along with their advantages and disadvantages, and their setup processes.

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