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This had a setback consequences for the developing Russian economy.Ill health and alcohol dependancy, eventually forced Yeltsin to resign, and Vladimir Putin filled his remaining term (January - April 2000) as President.Deposed and held under house arrest, Nicholas, Alexandra, and their children -- and with them the Romanov dynasty -- were exterminated by gunfire in the basement of a Yekaterinburg manor house and buried in unmarked graves which were found later and reburied in the Saint Paul and Peter Cathedral in Saint Petersburg.World War I strained Imperial Russia's governmental and social institutions to the breaking point of Revolution in 1917.In October 1957 the USSR became the first country to launch an artificial satellite into space.This was followed by sending the first human (Yuri Gagarin) into space in 1961.Best architects from France and Italy were involved designing the city.

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A brutal civil war between the "Red Army" of the communist leadership and the "White Army" largely consisting of foreign interventionists back by Britain, Germany and France lasted until late 1920.Yeltsin was a weak leader but widely supported by the West, however his government proved to be unstable.A wave of economic hardship put Russia's economy in ruins and left the military underfunded and undisciplined.The Russian Empire reached its peak during the late 18th and early 19th centuries, producing many colourful and enlightened figures such as Catherine the Great, Dostoevsky, Pushkin and Tolstoy.By the late 19th century political crises followed in rapid succession, with rebellion and its repression.

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