Survivor courtney stephen dating

Producers try to limit their wandering space because contestants might run into something the crew members don’t want them to see, and whatever they come across could even ruin the game!Of course, they don’t want contestants to wander onto another tribes camp or see challenges beforehand and get an unfair advantage.The fact that the show has been around for 18 years means it has an extremely loyal fan base who love to tune in to watch contestants compete against one another for the big money prize.

You've got to understand that this is all sort of silly because I was never a strategic person so people think I'm still getting all sassy about my strategy here. Courtney: Again, I thought that Todd, Amanda and I were all on a level playing field.

is one of the longest-running reality series on television!

The show films in different locations all around the world and is now well past 30 seasons!

Contestants also realize that not everything ends up on the show.

A lot of their footage goes to waste in the editing room.

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