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Perfect for your trip to work, a last minute party or to stop at the pub for a pint, a linen suit can be versatile for all summer occasions.

The Pros Like linen, tropical weight wool is your additional smarter backup for the summer months.

Perfect for day and night looks, lightweight fabrics are necessary to wear when rushing around in the heat while providing the maximum movement without the threat of sweat.

The epitome of luxury, silk is one of the lightest fabrics you can opt for.

For that, we have devised the definitive guide of the fabrics and the staple pieces that will keep you cool and collected throughout summer.

Dressing for summer might seem like the easiest thing in the world, but when it comes down to it, it can actually be quite tricky.

Linen is the sturdiest and durable fabric of the bunch.It seems finding an outfit which is practical and comfortable is one of the things we utterly dread as the summer months approach.No, we’re not just going to recommend you wear a vest and a pair of shorts in the office (but we’re not going to stop you from that choice, either).Breathable natural fabrics are the spoken secret to keeping cool in the heat.Whether you are on the underground or in the blazing sun, breathable fabric is your best shot at keeping cool throughout the day.

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