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Throughout the conference, Mr Wade – who adopted the pseudonym because it sounded more “Hugh Hefner-esque” – was surrounded by beautiful, prospective sugar babies jostling for his attention.But his keynote address was all about the those painful early days.Of course, if the sugar babies were putting in all this effort to please their daddies, it stood to reason that they should feel confident in asking for their end of the bargain. “I tend to find when [sugar babies] don’t ask, I spend more, because I don’t want to feel like I’m pinned to an amount,” expert daddy Carl Foster said during the “Let’s Talk Money” panel. “You don’t want to feel like it’s expected,” he counselled the women. For the “expert sugar babies” – the ones trotted out by Seeking Arrangements for interviews, and easily identifiable by a green wristband – it seemed to be going pretty well.“You want [your sugar daddy] to feel like he’s doing it because he wants to.” Mr Wade went as far as to say he would stop seeing a woman who asked him about money on the first date. Valentina, a 26-year-old 'expert' sugar baby I spoke to, said she’d been in a relationship with her sugar daddy for two years.To its credit, Seeking Arrangement appeared committed to helping women get more “win” out of their win-win scenarios.The hosts of panels like “Cultivating Confidence” and “Kink 101,” seemed determined to prove that anyone could be an effective sugar baby, if they only tried. Stay away from that stuff.” As a cautionary tale, Mr Demetrios described one date in which a prospective sugar baby showed up late, wearing a sweatshirt. ” he proclaimed.) She talked too much about herself, and later asked him directly about compensation.(Special status is given to sugar babies who sign up for the website using a email address.) Seeking Arrangement has not shied from the spotlight, expanding into lavish, annual events around the world. Many of the more than 200 female attendees were, in fact, dressed for a business meeting, in pencil skirts and blazers.The unofficial theme of this year’s summit was “empowerment” – an obvious nod to the current feminist moment, though perhaps an odd one for a company premised on putting young, sometimes vulnerable women in relationships with older, more powerful men. Others went a more seasonal route, in crops tops and miniskirts. Attendees ranged from expert sugar babies giving advice, to novices looking to step up their game, to prospective sugar babies wondering if they should sign up for Seeking Arrangement at all.

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He occasionally sends her gifts and picks up little things she can’t afford, liker her monthly gym membership. Nneka, a college student I spoke to who joined the site her freshman year, said she quit after a few months, when she couldn't find what she was looking for.

There, he met a beautiful young woman with whom he fell in love – before realising that she was taking advantage of every rich, American man who passed by on a tour. Do modern, “empowered” women really just want a rich man to take care of them? “[Sugar dating] is not necessarily a man taking on a specific role,” he explained, pointing out that there are also LGBTQ couples and “sugar mummies” on the site.

Instead of being turned off by the experience, however, Mr Wade used it as the basis for his business model. But, he added: “From a biological standpoint, our DNA is programmed a certain way.

According to the official Seeking Arrangement origin story, the site was born of Mr Wade’s life-long failures with women – and from his mother’s advice that one day, when he was successful and generous, the women would come.

In his keynote speech, the Singapore native spoke of the beautiful girls he’d never dared to ask out in high school, and the lone college girlfriend who’d dumped him for her ex.

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