Subform not updating

It has been created from scratch in Base, not copied from elsewhere.

The whole thing was created following the guidance found in one of the tutorials on the Open Office site - ... I have created my tables, and each one has a primary key.

A one-to-many relation can be derived from the cartesian product like this:which filters the related rows out of the read-only cartesian product. The properties of the subform are: Add Breed Content type.............. Also, if I then skip to a new record on the mainform, both subforms are re-set to saying 'Record 0 of 0' and not allowing me to enter any data.

Aggregating functions are Sum, Average, Count, Min and Max. I can select a Prefix and Breed No entered previously, but the subforms still do not display any data until I actually click into one of them, and then they both suddenly fill in with the Prefix & Breed No from the mainform, along with the relevant other info.

If I click on the Data Sources button above the form, I can open the various tables and enter data there.

Likewise, I can enter data if I go direct to the tables.

Hi, I hope that I am not duplicating an earlier query from another user, but I have tried searching both here, in the wiki and generally online, and I can't find anything that gives a solution to my problem.

Firstly, my database is intended to track showcats, their show placings, which catteries they came from etc.

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I can click into the fields but cannot type, and both navigation bars (I added one to the second subform to check it also) have all options greyed out.Once I had completed the wizard, I saved the form and opened it in data entry mode.I can enter data in the main form without issue, and I can click into the text boxes within the subform, but cannot type anything in them.So then I thought I would try adding a second subform manually to see if the outcome was any different.So I went to the form navigator, right-clicked on the mainform and added a subform, which I called Add Breed.

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