Stop adobe auto updating

Double-click the file to initiate the Adobe Updater application.

The program will take a few moments to connect to the Internet to search for updates.

The bad news is that Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer 9 or earlier will need the user to go to install the patch manually.

Alternately, you could just disable Flash Player entirely.

Browse to following User specific location and check if file is available : "C:\Users\[User_Name]\App Data\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\\support\flashplayer\sys\" To cross check this settings, login into another user account and copy the file the location pertaining to the current user. In the section titled "Administrator configuration of auto-update notification and background update process" the following note appears: Note: Settings in override the users settings and users cannot change it through Settings Manager. "mms.cfg" is a machine specific setting whereas "settings.sol" is user specific setting.

Settings Manager, as viewed by the user, doesn't reflect configuration settings set by I will surely will take care of this thing next time around.

Double-click on your hard drive's icon on the desktop and select the "Applications" folder from the "Places" menu on the left-hand side.

You can also open the "Applications" folder by selecting the folder from the "Go" drop-down menu in the "Finder" menu.

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Here's our piece explaining how to set Adobe Flash Player to click-to-run.) 1.

If you prefer to install updates manually, you can prevent the updater from automatically searching for updates by disabling the automatic search function in the application's "Preferences" menu. Double-click on "Program Files" to view software files installed on your computer.

Open "My Computer" by double-clicking on the desktop icon or clicking on the "Start" menu and selecting the "My Computer" button. Open the "Common Files" folder by double-clicking on the folder name.

Adobe software includes an updater application that automatically connects to the Internet to search for available updates.

This default setting causes the Adobe updater to run once a week.

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