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We provide all prosthetic works including veneers, crowns, bridgeworks, onlays, dental plates. To meet full expectations of our clients, we have signed up an agreement with The National Health Fund (NFZ) to provide services related to surgery and general dental treatments.Currently, there are two clinics in Wrocław where our dental services are available.At the Centre she specializes in conservative dentistry with endodontics and dental prosthetics. Krzysztof Hes completed medical and dental studies at the Silesian Piasts Medical University in Wrocław.An employee of the consultation outpatient clinic of orthodontics of the District Dental Outpatient Clinic in Krakow.Then it is likely to achieve higher precision during a treatment.Very often the success of a treatment depends on the ability to distinguish the details in the operating field.It enables fast and airtight root canal filling using a vertical condensation technique.

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Beefil 2in 1 is a device used for thermoplastic root canal filling with liquid gutta-percha.Endodontic micro-motor Gold Reciproc with a caecum is a professional tool which enables to develop canals precisely during an endodontic treatment.The device reduces the time of the root canal treatment.As a consequence it enables to prepare canals thoroughly to be filled with gutta-percha and minimalises the risk of breaking the tool in a canal.Dental microscope is a device allowing to eliminate the deficiency of a human eye.

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