Steam games keep validating

If a game is registered on Origin, it’s wise to test out the DLC code as well if one is available.

Unfortunately, not all EA titles in Steam will offer a CD key, but a lot do.

(This worked fine from 2004 till 11/2007) ----- Not sure why I didn't try this before, but I managed to get it working..(Sort of what gunny suggested..) 1) Run Steam and select the game giving you grief. 3) Once the backup is completed, delete the games local content. I was very surprised that the multiple deletes and downloads didn't correct the problem.

4) Quit Steam 5) Open the backup directory and run 'Steamapp.exe' to reinstall the backup.

At the moment I'm just hanging out for a patch from Valve, but I'm not holding my breath.. It was a fresh install, but I will try re-installing steam. (18gb worth..) Edited by auditri: 16/11/2007 PM Edited by auditri: 16/11/2007 PM ----- That's odd. Sometimes that may play buggery for some of the validations... Saying "Preparing to play" for a while as it decompresses.

Has anyone else experienced this problem, and more importantly found a fix for it? EDIT: Haven't contacted Steam - There are many topics on Valve's forums pertaining to this issue - so I'm definitely not alone, but no fix has been found, and Valve have made no comments.. I recently had heaps of problems with steam, they came down to the firewall as replaces itself when updated.

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