Squencial dating in excel

Before jumping on to the tips, it helps to know how excel represents the date and time.

Microsoft Excel stores dates as sequential numbers …

Excel date time features are very handy and knowing them a little in depth can help you save a ton of time in your day to day spreadsheet chores.

Let us prepare for your date with the sheet using these 10 handy tips.

Enter your first date in the initial cell in the column. Drag the right edge of the column header to the right to widen the column if you chose a date format that includes the day of the week. Place your cursor over the lower right corner of the cell that contains your initial date entry.Also learn these 11 very useful excel keyboard shortcuts.Often when you are entering dates in to the spreadsheet, it may be required to just enter every second or third day only. Visit Excel for Beginner or Advanced Excel pages to learn more or join my online video class to master Excel. Microsoft Excel's Auto Fill feature comes in handy for any process that relies on establishing a single cell with the proper formatting and content type and then populating other cells with a sequence of related information.You can select options after you've applied Auto Fill to populate cells with date information. Click on the column header to select the location for your date information.

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