Sqldatasource updating event args

These select column names are used in the grid columns, and subsequently 'bound' to the named parameters in the Update command.

So, essentially, this error is resolved by modifying the stored procedures. I know that within the actual SP, that the input params can be named different than the fields in the table you are updating.

If you tell me how, I would be glad to email it to you so it can be posted here for everyone's benefit.

sqldatasource updating event args-81

I really can't see the error in this code any how even the stored procedure is simple: Hi cusumano, You may agree with me that this is a generic SQL/ASP.

Needless to say, I will be happy to update your Telerik points for your involvement.

There are many articles on the Grid View and it’s working, however they have been on the particular functionality in focus.

In this article I have tried to put together most of the operations on the Grid View those are needed on regular basis.

is called: This event is called when the data is bound to the row. If it’s the data control row then the selected option is set equal to the value in the database.

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