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Men, meanwhile, are mostly concerned about a woman's fertility, for which beauty and youth serve as helpful cues.In the distant past, this behavior was adaptive, and so evolution selected and encoded it in our genes, ."Our evolved psychology of mating, after all, plays out in the modern world because it is the only mating psychology we mortals possess." (There's little historical or intercultural research on LGBT mate preferences; such questions are clearly important, but sadly there isn't yet sufficient data to examine them properly.) However, there has been a tectonic shift in gender roles over the past 50 years.As recently as the 1980s, female flight attendants in the United States could be fired if they got married, and women's right to vote wasn't universally enforced in Switzerland until 1990.One interpretation is that the husbands felt under pressure to exhibit their virility, because they couldn't claim the role of "provider"; another view was that the loss of breadwinner status somehow led to impotence. S., single women downplayed their career goals and toned down their assertiveness in the hope of making themselves more desirable to men.

Josh was the primary caregiver for a child from a previous marriage, and his financial prospects were dim.Women, meanwhile, are more likely to prioritize money and status over youth and beauty. Many evolutionary psychologists put this trend down to the power of innate biological drives.Their argument is that women have a primeval urge to hang on to wealthy men to provide for their children during the long period of pregnancy and childrearing.To be fair, evolutionary psychologists acknowledge that cultural factors and local customs can affect how people choose their partners.But gender equality isn't considered to be one of these factors, since even in relatively gender-equal societies, the gap between men and women's preferences is only reduced, not eliminated.

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