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If the world were actually a globe, however, curving 8 inches per mile squared, the 180 mile stretch of rail would form an arc with the center point at Birmingham raising over a mile, a full 5,400 feet above London and Liverpool.11) A surveyor and engineer of thirty years published in the Birmingham Weekly Mercury stated, “I am thoroughly acquainted with the theory and practice of civil engineering.Think of that and then please credit engineers as not being quite such fools. We no more think of allowing 600 feet for a line of 30 miles of railway or canal, than of wasting our time trying to square the circle” 10) The London and Northwestern Railway forms a straight line 180 miles long between London and Liverpool.The railroad’s highest point, midway at Birmingham station, is only 240 feet above sea-level.Parts of the West African Congo, according to the supposed inclination and movement of the ball-Earth, would be sometimes running uphill and sometimes down.This would also be the case for the Parana, Paraguay and other long rivers.

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7) Surveyors, engineers and architects are never required to factor the supposed curvature of the Earth into their projects.However bigoted some of our professors may be in the theory of surveying according to the prescribed rules, yet it is well known amongst us that such theoretical measurements are INCAPABLE OF ANY PRACTICAL ILLUSTRATION.All our locomotives are designed to run on what may be regarded as TRUE LEVELS or FLATS.There are, of course, partial inclines or gradients here and there, but they are always accurately defined and must be carefully traversed.But anything approaching to eight inches in the mile, increasing as the square of the distance, COULD NOT BE WORKED BY ANY ENGINE THAT WAS EVER YET CONSTRUCTED.

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