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After that, the parade-lap start from the pit area was junked.

Through this nightmare of growling engines, screeching tires and flying dirt came Jimmy Bryan, unscathed in the little laydown car that won in 1957 for Sam Hanks.

Sneva flipped over Rasmussen, hit the outside wall and burst into flames. I Race driver Tony Stewart of Indianapolis, waits for his car in the pit area of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Thursday, May 27, 1999, during the final practice session prior to Sunday's 83rd Indy 500.When Elisian tried to get low in the turn he tangled with Rathmann. Jerry Unser cartwheeled over the outside wall and suffered a dislocated shoulder.They went into the outside wall and thus began the biggest accident at that time in Speedway history. The incident wiped out eight of the cars and hastened a mandatory rule for the 1959 race that all cars must be equipped with a roll bar and all drivers must wear fireproof uniforms.Waving his hand in a victory salute, Bill Holland flashes across the finish line in his Blue Crown Special to rack up a new record for the Indianapolis 500.Signaling the victory with the traditional checkered flag is Bill Vanderwater, assistant chief starter.

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