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Mat Habrock, assistant director of the Nebraska Department of Agriculture, has scheduled a meeting of the Climate Assessment Response Committee (CARC) for June 4. in room 901, Hardin Hall on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln East Campus.

Officials will brief CARC members on existing, as well as predicted, weather conditions and provide a water availability outlook.

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Some established weeds, especially perennials, aren’t controlled easily with grazing.RMA Bulletin On Friday, May 28, 2018, the United States Department of Agriculture Risk Management Agency (RMA), issued a bulletin in response to the market disruption caused by Crop Pro’s decision to cancel a large number of crop hail policies in Nebraska.The bulletin allows growers to transfer their MPCI coverage back to the approved insurance provider who insured the MPCI policy in 2017.The right grazing practices, though, can help reduce this problem.If you have weedy pastures, first ask yourself – Why?

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