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A total of 100 per cent of homes in East Ayrshire, Scotland, were found to have central heating, compared with the average of 96 per cent.

The Orkney Islands has the lowest burglary rate at one per 10,000 people.

“Motorists are trapped perhaps travelling just a few miles an hour over the limit, then charged these excessive fees.” While the AA run speed awareness courses on behalf of many local authorities, Dorset Police organise their own and therefore set their own fees.

The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), which offers guidance on setting course fees, last year said the courses were not designed to “lay a golden egg” for providers.

Dorset’s £100 course lasts three hours and is entirely theory-based.

The cost of the course, offered to drivers in lieu of a fine and points on their licence, rocketed from £70 to £100 this year.Here we teach the children that full involvement in a wide range of intellectual, creative, sporting and cultural activity sharpens the mind and deepens one’s sense of identity and purpose.It also gives them the opportunity to develop personal characteristics which will serve them well in later life.“I presume there’s Champagne and smoked salmon on tap if the courses cost this much to run,” he said.The income generated from course fees created a surplus of more than £560,000 last year.

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